1989-Maybe tomorrow….

Winner > Best First-Time Feature Film
Köckern on November 9, 1989. A rest stop in the middle of East Germany becomes the cornerstone of a major transition in history. It’s a place where people get together, hangs out, falls in love, gossip, dawdle, gets into arguments, fills up their cars, and try and change their lives. Some changes are small and very private; some are so monumental that no one can escape them. ruinous industrial landscape…
Martin Kreusch-Director
Martin Kreusch-Writer
Martin Kreusch-Producer
Anja Jünger-Producer

Director Biography – Martin Kreusch
Martin Kreusch was born in Zwickau in 1978, and now lives, laughs, and loves in Halle (Saale), where he has worked since 1999. Martin is a director, actor, and author. In October 2014 he had his directorial debut with the play “Monkey Island.-.I Want to be a Pirate” in Halle. In 2017, his theater production “Zeit” marked the start of his permanent ensemble, with which he gradually developed his own theater and film cosmos. His theater play “1989 – Maybe Tomorrow Everything Will Be Different” premiered in 2020 and has now been turned into a motion picture. “1989” is the second film and third play within his cosmos featuring a fixed constellation of characters.