601. Bucha’s tragedy

Winner > Best First-Time Documentary Film
The film tells the stories of several people connected by the tragedy in Bucha, which took place during the Russian occupation near Kyiv in March and April 2022. We find the heroes at the point where the first “dust” of the drama unfolding before the eyes of the world has already settled. But is the terrible thing in their lives really over?
Agnieszka Żądło – Director

Director Biography – Agnieszka Żądło
Agnieszka Żądło is an experienced and awarded journalist and poet based in Warsaw. For the last three years, she has been cooperating with Newsweek Poland. Previously as a freelancer for many magazines and portals. She covers mainly social issues related to human rights and migration, both in Poland and abroad. „601. Bucha’s Tragedy” is her documentary debut.