A Day Before the Wolf

Winner > Best Music Video
Official Videoclip for the song “A Day Before the Wolf”, from Italian symphonic metal band Aqvilea debut album “Beyond the Elysian Fields” (Saturnia Records, 2020).
History, mystery, and destiny intertwine in a magical tale that goes back over time. The day before the wolf is meant as the crucial moment in which Fate is about to be fulfilled: in ancient Rome, it was an irrevocable decision taken by the gods, and it was not possible to oppose it. The video stages this conflict between the Fate already written and the human faculty to recognize it and to afford it with confidence and
Director > Simone Vrech
Writer > Simone Vrech, Pier Lando Baldinelli, Stella Marega
Producer > Stella Marega, Pier Lando Baldinelli

Key Cast
Nicole Bianchi Ferrer > “Young Roman Girl”
Giovanni Maugliani > “Roman Soldier”
Claudio Antonelli > “Roman Officer”