A Hidden Star

Winner > Best Feature Documentary
Paralyzed under a tidal wave of grief after the untimely death of her best friend Allison, a fierce, creative, and hauntingly magnanimous filmmaker, Mary Beth’s depression is crushing her.
Together with Alia, a close friend of both, who is equally devastated, they discover Allison’s private, emotional and heartbreaking diary footage of her journey through her fight against breast cancer. What they unearth is a trail of clues to make a friend’s final wish come true. Stringing the pieces of her story together, it leads them, with 23 of Allison’s devoted friends, to Ireland to scatter her ashes at the Cliffs of Moher.
Hoping their sorrow will end there, they return home to the reality of death and the complications of grief, as Allison’s voice and presence still call from beyond the grave. Along with a grief midwife, Staci, they embark on an odyssey back to Ireland and unwittingly begin unraveling answers to the problem of death as Allison begins weaving them together. They realize that instead of chasing a ghost, they need to look at the love right in front of them, in order to heal.

Director > Mary Elizabeth Gentle, Alia Tarraf
Writer > Dr. Staci Emerson
Producer > Dr. Staci Emerson, Mary Elizabeth Gentle, Alia Tarraf, Alan Caudillo, Jacqueline Reyno, Gary Rizzo
Allison Wilke Gryphon