Winner > Best Feature Film
“…You could think that a world pandemic
would rob us of freedom. My case proved to be different.
Finally, I had plenty of time to think. The three of us worked
at the National Bank and became friends. The Chairman, his Assistant, and I, Head of Security. Taking advantage of pandemic restraints and the obligation to work in face masks,
we decided to rob our own bank. We’ve been working there for years, we’ve known its every nook and cranny, including the passcode to the vault. The hardest part was covering our tracks
and directing police’s attention to an imaginary gang…”
Director > Michał Węgrzyn
Writer > Michał Węgrzyn
Producer >Barbara Nowak, Michał Nowak, Michał Węgrzyn

Key Cast
Piotr Witkowski “Virus”
Karolina Chapko “Covid’a”


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