Amazon Queen

Winner > Best Drama
A dream vacation of a lifetime quickly turns into a hijacking, endangering passengers and crew, on a boat journey down the Amazon River and into the Brazilian rainforest. Desperate criminals storm aboard, pursuing a lost fortune in the jungle. Now under threat, and with food and fuel running low, the once idealistic tourists – now hostages – must use all their ingenuity as their Amazon cruise becomes a descent into a desperate struggle for survival.
Director > Marlin Darrah
Writer > Rick Cullis, Marlin Darrah, Richard Lasser
Producer > Carson Grant, Marlin Darrah, Michael McConnell, Nick Dreselly Thomas
Key Cast
Carly Diamond Stone “Jackie Santos”
Carson Grant “Francisco Santos”
Massi Furlan “Machado”
Alfonso DiLuca “Sam Romaro”
Nick Dreselly Thomas “Flynn McIntyre”
Vicky Dawson “Maggie Chambers”
Clayton Meek “Silva”
Cristina Encarnacion “Leilah”