An Hour or So

Winner > Best Documentary Narrative
“An Hour or So” is the story of three women in Cairo who were driven to sex work as a result of poverty. It’s a journey through their lives, telling us how their lives are influenced or have been influenced by their profession. They come from poverty and have ended up in the profession of sex work for different reasons. They talk about the journey that led them to this profession, how they live their lives and their future. Their stories reveal the complex relationship between the physical and the emotional. Sex can be love-making but also can be a commodity. It is part of who we are as humans and how we express our emotions, but also it can be a source of income and a livelihood. With sex workers how does the emotional and the physical work together within a society that consumes sex, yet criminalizes it outside of the institution of marriage?
Director > Manal Khaled.
Producer > Al Maraya for Cultural Production.
Key Cast
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