Animal Pie

Winner > Best Short Film
Chris is enjoying the best house party he’s ever thrown. He’s high on life (and drugs), and madly in love with his girlfriend Georgie. His housemates Sally and Tom are on the cusp of sealing a well-worn will-they-won’t-they and things simply couldn’t be more fun. But the halcyon days of careless fun are brought to an abrupt halt with a dark discovery the morning after the party, which rocks the foundations of happy-go-lucky Chris’ world. Forced to confront some painful truths about himself, the merriment of the night before suddenly seems but a distant dream. It just wasn’t supposed to end this way…
Director > Ben Plumb
Writer > Ben Plumb
Producer > Chloe Osborne, Ben Plumb
Key Cast
Ashley Hodgson “Chris”
Antonia Tootill “Georgie”
Delilah Tahiri “Sally”
Gabriele Greggio “Tom”