Beating SuperBugs…

Winner > Best Feature Documentary
This film presents ingenious solutions to the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (“superbugs”). Patients, doctors, and researchers testify to their deep danger. Leaders in economics, government, and the pharmaceutical industry reveal their coordinated counter-attacks. All know that superbugs are could easily surpass cancer as the No. 1 cause of human death.
Director > William Mudge
Writer > Jean Mudge
Producer > William Mudge, Jean Mudge, William Mudge

Key Cast
Grant Hill “as Self, Patient, MRSA Survivor”
Lord James O’Neill “as Self, Economist and Policy Leader”
Dr. Thomas Patterson “as Self, Patient, Iraqibacter Survivor”
Dr. Steffanie Strathdee “as Self, Doctor and Spouse”
Dr. John Rex “as Self, Doctor”
Prof. Kevin Outterson “as Self, Lawyer”
Tori Kinamon “as Self, Patient, MRSA Survivor”
Kari Kinamon “as Self, Tori’s Mother”
Dr. Rafael Laniado “as Self, Doctor, TB Expert, Tijuana, Mexico”
David Payne “as Self, GlaxoSmithKline Executive”
Christi Nelson “as Self, Patient, C. Diff Survivor”
Dr. Ina Park “as Self, Doctor, Gonorrhea Specialist”
Prof. Lance Price “as Self, Professor”
Fred Tenover “as Self, Doctor, Product Expert”
Prof. Gerald Wright “as Self, Researcher, Antibiotic Restoration”
Dr. Robert Schooley “as Self, UCSD Phage Researcher”
Dr. Eleftherios Mylonakis “as Self, Brown University Researcher”
Prof. Douglas Mitchell “as Self, U of I Researcher”
Dr. Timothy Lu “as Self, MIT Researcher”