Winner > Best Actress
Bloodline tells the story of a witch named Alice, who after falling pregnant runs away from her coven. Arthur, the son of Alice explores the difficulties of fitting in with his family when he doesn’t. have the same powers
Director > Madison Marneros
Writer > Madison Marneros
Producer > Madison Marneros
Key Cast
Bianca Wallace
Amanda Larcombe
Zac O’Brien
Freya Mae Smith
Charlotte E Mac
Richard Lund
Ashleigh Rhodes
David James Austin
Charlie Dunn
Sharon Leigh Dunn
Arabella Morton

Director Biography
Madison Marneros
Madison fell in love with film from a young age, growing up in front of the camera she eventually fell in love with behind the camera. She was able to do acting for Harrow, Bureau of Magical Things, Swinging Safari, etc. After having created a few short films she decided she wanted to go further and created her first professional short film ‘Bloodline’ at the age of 17. She hopes to keep creating films and telling more stories.