Boneyard Alaska

Winner > Best Feature Documentary
Beneath the ever-frozen ground of Alaska, lie the bones of Ice Age features that roamed this region tens of thousands of years ago: bison, woolly mammoths, and prehistoric bears. Stored in a permafrost deep-freeze for all this time, these remains are in pristine condition and represent an unprecedented window into the life of the Pleistocene Epoch.
The bones are now being unearthed by an Alaskan gold miner named John Reeves, a private landowner with no scientific training whatsoever. But John has a passion for bones and for collecting, and has assembled over a hundred thousand specimens from his mine site, “The Boneyard”. For the first time, john invites a small team of expert paleontologists to visit his site and his collection. As the scientist wade into the mud and peruse the boxes of the collection, discoveries are made before our very eyes, potentially re-writing the history of North America.
Director > Paul Andrew Lawrence
Writer > Kinzey Reeves, Katherine Rawlins
Producer > Paul Andrew Lawrence
Key Cast
John Reeves