Winner > Best LGBT Film.
Wintertime in Shanghai, after her best friend moved out of their shared flat, the 26-year-old girl named A felt lost and began to wander the streets while looking for a new flat. One day, She was wandering around aimlessly, a woman who was walking a cat went passed her. Just when she was curious and about to follow, the woman disappeared. A few days later, As A went out of home and ran down the stairs in a hurry, she bumped into a woman on the staircase. The bag in the woman’s hand fell to the ground and there were shrimps scattered all over the floor. They hurriedly picked up the shrimp and that’s when A realized that this woman was the one she saw on the street the other day. It turned out that she was the new tenant upstairs. The woman had left to go upstairs, A remained where she at and found a shrimp lying on the ground. She picked it up, turned around, and chased after the woman.
Director > Ningyue Hao
Writer > Ningyue Hao
Producer > Jing Yang
Key Cast
Wenlu Xu
Xiyue Yang

Director Biography – Ningyue Hao
Currently, a graduate student at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, majoring in film directing.