Chasing The Rubbish…

Winner > Best First Time Short Film
The film “Chasing The Rubbish or My Beloved Husband” is a lyrical comedy about a weird woman who is in love with a legendary actor Mihail Boyarskiy since her youth. The film starts with a scene of the main character suffering a heavy hangover in the morning following a small lonely party the night before. After waking up, the character turns on by a familiar gesture an old cassette player with a tape of Boyarskiy inside, dances, and does cleaning up with music on. Suddenly she realizes that she has just thrown out with trash something really important and valuable for her. Being in a panic she starts a chase of the garbage truck servicing the area and meets other characters of the movie. This is a vibrant and funny road movie with intrigue and unusual, lyrical, and deep ending.
Director > Alisa Nekrasova
Writer > Alisa Nekrasova
Producer > Alisa Nekrasova


Key Cast
Alena Babenko “Woman”
Elena Valushkina “janitor”
Oleg Sokolov “Driver”