Daddy Issues

Winner > Best Actress (Grace Kiley-Audience Choice)
At the classic Italian restaurant, the Lamplighter, Agatha, an empathic hostess, is distracted from her failing psychic effort to “foresee the future” in a deck of cards when Danny and his mother, Barbara enter. Agatha with a broad smile inquires about the number in their party and is answered by them simultaneously in discordant replies “Two.//Three.” The pair squabble on this disparity but Danny dominantly reiterates there are only the two of them this evening. Nodding and grabbing menus, Agatha leads the duo to a table. As she pulls the seat out for Barbara who begins to sit, Barbara suddenly leaps into the air as if pinched on the rear exclaiming ‘You’re naughty!” Bewildered by this shocking moment Agatha steps back. Barbara quickly smooths over the situation by saying how Agatha is just so “naughty” for seating them at such a great table.
Erin Marsz-Director
Erin Marsz-Writer
Paul Amorese-Producer

Director Biography – Erin Marsz
Erin Marsz, always a passionate creative writer, has worked in front and behind the camera as an actor, musician, commercial producer, and art director in New York. Her love of monsters, both real and imaginary, plays a large role in her work. She is fond of using color theory to help express a character’s emotions and to provide the audience with hints of a character’s inner life.
‘Daddy Issues’ is her directorial and writing debut. As a storyteller, she is enamored by the people, places, and stories of the city. Exploring the human condition and the ways interpersonal relationships shift and change in our own personal landscapes, is the basis of her writing and artistic creations.