Dance for Three

Winner > Best Actor > Short Film
Matan, a boy nine years of age, lives in close intimacy with his mother. The father of the family died of illness before his son had a chance to get to know him. One day Matan discovers that his beloved mother is planning to go on her first date since his father’s passing. Matan, fearful of losing his mother in favor of a stranger, does everything he can to stop her. However, thanks to the affection Matan has developed for his lonely pet goldfish, he learns to see his mother in a different light and even finds a way to help her open a new chapter in her life.
Director > Netta Roth.
Writer > Netta Roth.
Producer > Netta Roth.
Key Cast
Dvir Plishteave t”Matan”
Ayelet Kineret Ogorak “Mother”
Ran Antebi “Alon”

Director Biography
Director Netta Roth grew up in Israel in the Tel Aviv area. For most of her adult life, Netta worked in the field of labor law, first as a lawyer and then as a judge. This occupation has influenced her special interest in the cinematic representation of underprivileged populations, social problems, and gender inequality. In recent years, Netta has been involved in the field of cinema as part of her master’s degree studies at the Tel Aviv University Film School. The film “Dance for Three”, which describes chapters in the life of a single-parent family, is her first short film made in this framework.