DAYDARK – Il Buio del Giorno

Winner > Best Horror
Giorgio Belmonte is a Sicilian lawyer who lost his son under mysterious circumstances many years ago. Now he’s an alcoholic, alone, and his life is destroyed. At the dawn of a hot summer day, Giorgio is contacted by a mysterious man who claims to be the kidnapper of his son. A psychological struggle begins between the two, a struggle that will also drag other innocent people towards the blackest abyss of the human soul.
Director > Fabrizio La Monica
Writer > Fabrizio La Monica, Alessandro Bruno
Producer > Apocalypsis, Kàlama Film
Key Cast
Marco Balzarotti
Ferdinando Gattuccio
Corrado Solari
Roberto Romano
Sergio Stivaletti

Director Biography
Fabrizio La Monica
Fabrizio La Monica was born in Palermo (Italy) in 1990. Passionate about horror and fantasy cinema since his childhood, in 2017 he founded the production company “Kàlama Film”. “DIO NON-TI ODIA”, a drama-horror movie, is his first feature film, winner of many festivals around the world.
“IL BUIO DEL GIORNO”, genre Thriller, is his second feature film.