Dissociating Vulnerability a gripping story


Dissociating Vulnerability is a very gripping movie by the director Nobuo Nakagawa, A feature film is worth watching, Kyoji Kobori as a writer also did a wonderful job with his scripting talent, and it is always important for a good script to be directed by an even good director, so in short, we can say that Nobuo Nakagawa and Kyoji Kobori has a good combo unit which helped Dissociating Vulnerability as a successful project.

The main character “Shinya” lost her mother in a traffic accident. A woman appears in front of Shinya. The woman can only be seen by Shinya. Fairy? Ghost? Shinya must know. these lines are the synopsis of Dissociating Vulnerability which described the whole movie in a very vigilant way.
The movie is technically a good product, and the performance level of all the actors and actresses is spot-on and well-executed.

The Feature movie is a great narrative that carries various emotions, and the acting level of the artists takes such emotional scenes to the next level.