Winner > Best Short Narrative
Seine boardwalks. She is about to dive in. He is reaching for her and saves her. For a night, strolling along in the Parisian streets, they would share their own stories, and discover and understand each other. When dawn breaks, a few doubts remain, but one thing is certain: they meet again at the end of the day, same place, same time.
It’s the early morning of November 13th, 2015, the beginning of a day that would change our lives forever.
Cyril Masson – Director
Cyril MassonWriter
Aude-Jeanne Malinvaud – Writer
Cyril Masson – Producer

Director Biography – Cyril Masson
Cyril Masson is an award-winning Photographer and Film Director. Living in Paris, he came to photography to shoot people, whatever their origins or their expression fields. He loves to capture the raw moment when they express themselves as they truly are.
He was soon approached by famous brands like NIKE. This 16-year collaboration with the Swoosh brand helped him develop his taste for the aesthetics of movement and his ability to create instant, creative, and vivid photographs. The natural evolution of his career led to filmmaking and directing for many brands around the world. However, beyond technique, Cyril Masson knows his way with actors, as they can be professional actors, models, or athletes. He is easy to bond with and trust, and he always finds a way to get the best of anyone. Eleven Twelve is his first fictional project.