Endless River

Winner > Best First Time Short Film
A war, somewhere in the world. Three soldiers are walking along a river, they have lost contact with their platoon and are trying to find it. They have different characters and different stories, but everyone dreams of getting out of the chaos of war and going home. Eric is the most mature, he misses his wife and child. Art, the youngest, despite the war and homesickness, still seems to marvel at the nature that surrounds them. Will hides his frailty with sarcasm, causing Eric’s irritation. Sometimes their humanity approaches them, but the danger looms, they must go on as volleys of bullets get closer and closer. The forest is around them in its lush beauty, full of mysterious sounds. The line between life and death seems to get thinner, what will be their fate?
Director > Edoardo Pera
Writer > Edoardo Pera
Producer > Luisa Mariotti, Edoardo Pera

Key Cast
Marius Bizau
Gabriele Sorrentino
Adriano Paris