Winner > Best Actress
Mia struggles to find the courage to break up with Taavi and gets lost in spiraling fears from which there seems to be no exit. In an attempt to avoid the difficult conversation, Mia flees to a bar’s toilet and enters a stall that leads her to a strange, museum-like world. There she meets people from her life who have a lot to say about her and her decision. Mia has to face herself to find a solution to her problem and get out of the museum.
Greta Liht – Director
Paula Üleoja – Writer
Greta Liht – Writer
Triin Rennit – Producer

Director Biography – Greta Liht
Greta has engaged in dance art and choreography for over ten years, participated in dance art workshops, and created short productions at Kanuti Gild’s Hall and the Independent Dance Stage in Tallinn. Greta has also developed research on body and memory in the Dance Room residency in the 2021/2022 season.
Since December 2020, she has been part of an experimental fashion collective called Sorcerer, where she has tried her hand as a designer and seamstress. Before specializing in directing, she worked as a casting manager, artist, and stylist assistant in the video and film industry and as a guest coordinator at the Dark Nights Film Festival Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event.