Farnaz Ohadi’s YAR


The fantastic music video YAR, directed by Fran Menchon and produced by Farnaz Ohadi, depicts the state of women’s and human rights in Iran. The video lasts for four minutes and features every appealing feature a great music video could have.

Iran is no doubt one of the worst places on earth for women’s rights, life as a woman in Iran is full of hardship, troubles, and problems. Yar surely painted the situation and challenges of women in Iran.
As an eagle exhorts viewers to fly high and accomplish their goals, the video’s opening scene is full of messages, and it features a female sitting in an open area on dry land who appears to be broken, but yet resolute.

Every single scene in the book is engrossing to watch and successfully delivers the theme of hardships, difficulties, and hope.
Young and old actors and actresses alike gave stunning performances. There are strong facial expressions.
The camera work, lighting, and location selections vividly conveyed the director’s message to the globe about the worst human rights situation in Iran. Additionally, poetry makes excellent and exact use of language.

The Poetry!
“The only people who can save us are you and me”
My childhood friend from early School years
you are my forever friend and companion
The hard lessons of life always
hovering on our heads
you are my regret and my nostalgia
our names are forever written on the blackboard
The signs of beatings from tyranny and bullying
are still left on our bodies
the fields of our unhappiness
is full of weeds and dying flowers
no matter how good or how bad
the people’s hearts are dead
only our hands can tear down these curtains
who other than us can heal our wounds?