Fritz Menzer-A Secret Life

Winner > Best Web/TV Series
Cryptology, Cold War, Nazi Germany, and the successor of the Enigma machine: “Fritz Menzer – A Secret Life” has it all.
Fritz Menzer, a simple toolmaker from Saxony, becomes one of the Wehrmacht’s central cryptologists during the National Socialist era. He develops the cipher device 41, the successor to the legendary Enigma, and holds contacts with the military resistance. Already during the war, British codebreakers are hot on Menzer’s trail. And after the end of the war, both the Soviet Union and the USA want to secure their services. Fritz Menzer and his family get caught between the front lines of the looming Cold War…
Robert Jahn-Director
Robert Jahn-Writer
Carola Dahlke-Writer
Nina Mair-Producer
Robert Jahn-Producer

Director Biography – Robert Jahn
Born in Dresden in 1979. From `99 to 2006 Robert studied journalism and psychology in Leipzig. 2004/05 traineeship at ZDF. Since 2001 he has worked as a reporter for MDR and ARTE and as a freelance author and producer. Since 2004 he has been working with the Italian filmmaker Nina Mair, with whom he runs the authors’ collective Libellulafilm. Together they realize films and reports for cinema and TV, as well as multimedia projects. In 2006 they produced their first long documentary film together. In 2008 he completed the Discovery Campus Masterclass. Lecturer at various documentary film workshops since 2012. From 2014-2018 guest lecturer at the University of Leipzig, Department of Journalism.