I am Black

Winner > Best Short Documentary
I’m Black is a film about slavery in Mauritania. Mauritania is the only country in the world where there is still a class of slaves, people are owned by a slave owner and forced to work without compensation. The children are taken from their mothers at the age of one and raised into slaves. Kaaw Touré now lives in Kalmar in Sweden and is struggling to reach out with this horrible story. He was already imprisoned as an 18-year-old in his home country. He later fled Mauritania first to neighboring Senegal and after a number of years there, he finally received political asylum in Sweden. He has always and even now waged a struggle to criticize the regime in Mauritania for getting rid of this. As it is now, he can not return to the country. We hear his horrible story about this in the movie. we also have films from Mauritania and interviews with several in the country about this. Today Kaaw lives in Kalmar and is a teacher and we follow him in his everyday life and in his fight against slavery which he carries out with his colleagues around the world. Slavery is theft – theft of a life, theft of work, theft of property. These men, women, and children live in bondage both physically and mentally. Their minds are not filled with dreams and hopes, but thoughts of oppression and daily struggle. Despite all this, the world closes its eyes to this! Why?
Director > Matz Eklund
Writer > Matz Eklund
Producer > Matz Eklund
Key Cast
Matz Eklund


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