Winner > Best Actress Feature Film, Best Actor Feature Film, Best Feature Film.
One summer in the mountains during his first biking trip with his friends, the cool and casual Sid sees a new side to him when he meets Joon, days before her wedding. Joon tries to ignore this cool guy from the city who is winning her heart without giving her a choice. She gets on with her life as planned, by marrying Jay, the man she was certain about. Sid and his friends return to the city but things won’t be the same again. Sid and Joon don’t keep in touch but then her new life crisscrosses with Sid when she is least expecting it under emotionally challenging circumstances.
For a girl who is running away from herself and Sid who is waiting to collide with star-crossed weird silly love that he meets over and over again, sure that one day Joon will be much more than just
a name on his travel diary. While Joon is certain that she is finally coming into herself, a more truthful self, more in charge of her life, love, work and play.
Director > Barnali Ray Shukla
Writer > Barnali Ray Shukla
Producer > Dark Chocolate Films
Key Cast
Neha Dinesh Anand
Akshay Sharma
Rahul Duhan

Director Biography – Barnali Ray Shukla
Barnali Ray Shukla is an Indian filmmaker, writer, and poet. Starting off as a cell biologist specializing in plant tissue culture and a topper of the Delhi University both at the graduate and post-graduate level, Barnali soon turned towards film-making. She has worked with Ram Gopal Varma as assistant director on Satya, and in various writers’ rooms with Ekta Kapoor and looks forward to her directorial with Emmay Entertainment, the script is still a work in progress. Her first feature film (in Hindi) as a writer-director KUCCH LUV JAISAA, was released in May 2011, FoxStar Studios.
In two consecutive years, 2013 and 2014 her scripts were short-listed for the SUNDANCE-Mahindra Script Lab.
Her documentary film ‘LIQUID BORDERS’, was selected for the Competition Section at KOCHY at the SIGNS FILMS FESTIVAL at Kochy, Kerala, India. It was an official selection at the International Peace/Film Festival, Orlando, Florida, Nov 2015. The European Premiere was in Florence Italy, last December, at RIVER to RIVER Florence Indian Film Festival.
It was the US Premiere & it won ‘The Enlightenment Award’, amidst entries from 87 countries.
An official selection at the Blow-Up Film Festival at Chicago, a festival that curates films of great artistic value. It is dedicated to the Italian filmmaker Antonioni.
Liquid Borders was an Official Selection at six festivals in India.
ONCE UPON A SKY, (Documentary/ 2019/ 72min/ Hindi with English subtitles) her second documentary film, is now streaming on BeBop Channel, NYC, USA, and MX PLAYER in India after a successful round at film festivals across the world, with recognition and five awards across Europe and Asia and thirteen official selections and a finalist in two film festivals, so far.
Her short documentary, ALL IS WELL ( India/ 22min/ 2021) is still doing the rounds of the film festivals. Support and recognition have been across three continents and have bagged 21 awards so far, and more than 15 official selections.
It is streaming on iTunes, India.
Her creative writing has been featured in Sunflower Collective, OutOfPrint,, OUTCAST, Madras Courier, Bengaluru Review, Indian Ruminations, Vayavya, The Brown Critique, Kaurab, Usawa Literary Review
Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry II,, Indian Quarterly,
Modern English Poetry by Younger Indians (SahityaAkademi)
The World That Belongs to Us (Harper Collins, India)
Have a Safe Journey ( Amaryllis, India)
Side Effects of Living ( Speaking Tiger, WomenUnlimited)
Hibiscus (Hawakal Publishers)
Open Your Eyes (Hawakal Publishers)
The Kali Project (Indie Blu-e Publishing)
Borderless (Singapore), Voice& Verse (Hong Kong), UCityReview (USA)
A Portrait in Blues (UK), Centre for Stories (Australia).