Later We Go Home

Winner > Best Director > Short Film
5 Individuals at various crossroads in their lives spend a night out in Copenhagen together. Some are caught in a never-ending spiral that affects themselves and the people around them and some are forced to make a big decision in their lives
Director > Anders Holmes, Valeria Letizia Scalera
Writer > Valeria Letizia Scalera, Anders Holmes,
Producer > Anders Holmes, Valeria Letizia Scalera, Peter Sinclair Fleeton
Key Cast
Daniel Neil Ash
Lennart Falk
Oona Kare
Nina Voit
Michala Petrovna Rubinstein

Director Biography

Valeria Letizia Scalera
Valeria holds a master’s in film and media from the University of Rome. She lives in Denmark since 2015, where she is been mainly working as a project manager for film events.
Valeria is currently working at Zentropa Productions as a production assistant.

Anders Holmes
Anders received a bachelor’s Degree in Practical Filmmaking from Met Film School (2011-2013). He also took part in an 8.5 monthly courses at the European Film College from August 2016 to May 2017. The courses he took at Ebeltoft were Editing, Sound & Screenwriting.
He currently works as a freelance Sound Recordist in Copenhagen and has worked in that field on projects in the Netherlands. He also co-hosts a film podcast called the Holmes Movies Podcast.