Life on tape

Winner > Best Feature Documentary
In “Life on tape” director Melanie Lischker reconstructs the life of her mother, whom she barely remembers, from over 100 hours of family video footage.
In her diaries, she finds the tragic story of a young woman who, driven by the idea of freedom in the 1970s, tried in vain to free herself from the old thought patterns of her authoritarian parents’ home. Her conflict between the desire for freedom and the desire for a regulated family life extends into the 90s and rubs off on the director’s childhood.
In both the private and the political spheres, the film travels through the decades and shows a woman in conflict with the ponderous patriarchal structures of her time.
Director > Melanie Lischker
Writer > Melanie Lischker
Producer > Maria Wischnewski
Key Cast
Melanie Lischker