Winner > Best Women Film Maker
An unrequited love story, starring British autistic TV and film actor Jules Robertson. This bittersweet film tells the story of Oscar, a complex character with unique needs but the same hopes and desires as anyone. Rather than a film ‘about’ autism, LOVE invites its audience to consider the world from the viewpoint of an autistic person. We follow Oscar’s journey as he navigates the stresses and strains of daily life, taking the poetic lyrics of his favorite band The Streets, and using them as a coping mechanism when faced with uncomfortable social conundrums.

Producer >  Jess Clark
Director > Jane Ashmore
Writer > Gemma Harvey
Co/Producer >  Saudat Sanusi
Key Cast
Jules Robertson  >  “Oscar”
Gemma Harvey  >  “Daisy”
Leo Bill  >  “Jack”
Dev Joshi   > “Mel”
Doris Zajer   > “Margaret”
Carol Starks   > “Oscar’s Mum”


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