Winner > Best Feature Film
A rural women’s life is not only unwanted and neglected but nowadays she becomes part of the evils of mainstream society. The movie ’Manyata’ is basically a Film it focuses on women’s empowerment. The women in society are always expected to leave behind the blander and criticism and set an example for others. They are forced to live in Society and bear with all the ills like- physical torture, the stigma of female sterility, child marriage, female infanticide, and dowry. The whole movie focuses, on the mainstream role of women in the harsh customs provided by society for women. The major factors we can see in the movie are female sterility, child marriage, Widowhood, single motherhood problems, molestation, etc.
Director > Ranjan Mishra
Writer > Pravasini Pattojoshi
Producer > Bikash Chandra Pattanaik.
Key Cast
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Director Biography
Ranjan Mishra, an Indian Film Maker had inculcated a fascination with cinema at a very young age, in the art of moving pictures on a screen and the impact they brought upon the viewer. As a young kid, he was rarely seen without a camera in his hands clicking away pictures of everything and anything that fell across his eyes.
Once Ranjan Mishra passed out of college, he started his career as a photojournalist at a local newspaper but his real passion lay in cinema. It was the same zeal that got him into the city of Mumbai where under the guidance of one of the leading cinematographers, he worked in a lot of mainstream feature films and tele serials as an assistant cameraman. Ranjan has always been deeply inspired by cinema and art form which was responsible for and created a social impact. He was behind the lens for many documentaries and short films on societal issues which deeply impacted viewers. His fascination with cinema only grew deeper as he helmed the role of director and has successfully directed more than 5 feature-length movies in the Odia film industry. Each of his films always has a social message within them, and it is a part of his art that he has always tried to showcase with everything he has laid his hands on. Back in Odisha, he won the State Film Award from the Government of Odisha for Cinematography for a feature-length film.