Masters of Joy by Lizbeth Elejalde


Masters of Joy is a documentary film about five children from five different countries and how they understand happiness.

Only children can teach us the true art of being happy in a complicated world. That’s why Masters of Joy is a documentary that will let you see, through the eyes of a kid, how you can be happy again. Don’t miss this story filmed in Nepal, Mexico, Bolivia, the USA, and Iceland. With these Masters of Joy, you will discover that happiness can be within you. (Synopsis)

Masters of Joy is a documentary film by Lizbeth Elejalde. She came up with the unique idea of showing the happiness of children in a world we live in today that is full of complications and problems. “Masters of Joy” shows us that they are the true masters of joy and know how to be happy and create joy for themselves. This movie was filmed in various countries, such as Mexico, the USA, Iceland, Bolivia, and Nepal.

Masters of Joy share the stories of kids from different countries, which shows that all of them have different environments, lifestyles, opportunities, and possibilities, but the common thing is that they are happy in their own type of lifestyle.

The reality is that kids love to have fun, but the way of playing could not be the same; one kid would have a small toy, one might have a bigger one, and a poor one would have no toys, but all of them love to play. And we see that aspect in Lizbeth’s movie too.

Masters of Joy by Lizbeth Elejalde

The Masters of Joy share the smiles and happiness of children. It shows us that a minor in prosperous countries such as Ireland and the USA has a perfect environment and facilities and has modern and updated sources of enjoyment and sports, while children in poor countries such as Bolivia and Nepal have no proper facilities to engage in, but they create their own opportunities and play anyway and are equally happy.

Masters of Joy is directed, scripted, and edited by Lizbeth Elejalde, and she did wonderful work. The jury of the Boden International Film Festival acknowledged her work and declared her movie the Best Feature Documentary.