Winner > Best First-Time Documentary Film
After surviving a traumatic experience in her teenage years, Ashleigh lived life shackled to her demons and in a constant battle with the past. Until the day she decided to leave behind years of loneliness and trauma by creating the onstage persona… Medusa Maneater. Transformed and empowered, Ashleigh sits down with her supportive mother, Beck, to reflect on her journey as a Drag performer while preparing for a packed-out show in one of Brisbane’s biggest venues.
Serayna Teagan Neal-Director
Serayna Teagan Neal, Rebecca Leigh Myers-Writer
Rebecca Leigh Myers-Producer

Director Biography – Serayna Teagan Neal
Serayna Neal is a writer and director, who graduated class of 2021 at SAE Creative Media Institute and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Film. Throughout her studies, she created numerous projects from many different styles of filmmaking, such as writing and directing advertisements, short films, and documentaries, as well as production designing and producing many other projects.