Winner > Best Short Film
‘Menarche’ is a story set in the slums of Bengaluru city in India. As the title suggests, it’s a story about a young girl’s first menstrual period. In this story, the girl(Yasmin) has the responsibility for her younger brother(Faisal) due to the loss of their parents to Covid-19. She works really hard to take care of her innocent brother who has no idea what has happened to his parents. He is still yearning for his mother’s love.
One evening, Yasmin gets her first period and she has no knowledge or awareness about it. Looking at her situation, Faisal panics and desperately asks his neighbors for help. Despite the large neighborhood, there was no one to help the kids.
After much struggle, two transgender women come forward to help and educate them about menstruation.
Director > Pruthvi Kunigal.
Writer >Pruthvi Kunigal.
Producer > Varshaa Sanjeev.
Key Cast
Kethana Manjunath “Yasmin”
Chinamay Mahesh “Faisal ”
Priyanka RJ “Transgender”

Director Biography
Pruthvi Kunigal studied at Siddaganga Mutt in Tumkur. He started Kannada filmmaking in the year 2016. He has worked on several projects like KGF, Humble Politician Nograj, Base, etc.
This is his first Independent short film as a director.
He has completed his MBA at Christ University Bangalore.