Metta da fein

Winner > Best Web/TV Series
Wonderfully monotonous peace reigns in the most beautiful village in the world until farm animals with severed legs are frequently discovered. The small community is thrown into turmoil. While some villagers believe in an old cruel legend, the local policeman Aldo tries to solve the mysterious case. The brutal murders start to increase – and with them the distrust of the villagers. The series of murders come to a bitter end when disaster strikes at the village’s festivities.
Director > Carlo Beer, Urs Berlinger
Writer > Alexander Seibt, Carlo Beer, Urs Berlinger
Producer > Nadine Lüchinger, Flavio Gerber, Flavio Deflorin
Key Cast
René Schnoz “Aldo”
Tina Bundi “Elvira”
Roman Weishaupt “Reverend Luzius”
Curdin Caviezel “Linus”
Ursin Derungs “Bastgaun”
David Flepp “Gian Marco”
Marietta Jemmi “Gabi”