Movie Girls

Winner > Best Feature Film
Sonya and Masha are in love with films and dream to become movie stars. When they finally get what they want they realize that the life of a movie star is very much different from what they’ve expected. Sonya and Masha will have to grow up, save their friendship and reevaluate their lives.
Maria Loiter – Director
Maria Loiter – Writer
Julia Mishkinene – Producer

Director Biography – Maria Loiter
Maria was born in the Northern Russian town of Arkhangelsk. In 2007, she moved to London to study Drama and Theatre Arts at the prestigious Goldsmiths College, University of London. This three-year program has helped Maria to develop her directing skills.
In 2011, Maria embarked upon an MA Filmmaking course at the London Film School. Maria has worked on more than twenty LFS projects not only as a director but also as a producer and camera operator. In 2022 has worked as a script-writer for the TV series “Julia”, which is now in the production phase.
After having made different music videos and short films, she finally got to direct her first feature film, which idea she developed for 4 years. Now, “Movie Girls” is in the late post-production phase, looking for festivals to attend.