My goal is to make animated films for the general public.Dimitri Vallein

Dimitri Vallein

Dimitri Vallein, also known as ValOne, is a director based in Paris, France. He is an artist working internationally across animation films, video games, music, and virtual experiences.

Q: Tell us about your goal as a filmmaker.

A:  My long-term goal is to make animated films for the general public. Right now, animation is still perceived as something made for children, with characters that are mostly sentient toys or talking animals. Animation needs to get rid of the things that hold it back and push back the narrow walls that surround it. As artists using animation, we should not be obsessed with the techniques, but rather with the art of cinema itself. There is so much to explore and to tell! If we do that, I’m confident that animation will break the barrier with cinema.

Q: When and how did you begin your filmmaking career?

A: A few years ago, I spent all my time in Paris at a startup incubator. It was incredible because there were so many different people, from different backgrounds, coming in every day to work and discuss the future. Growing up in a small village, coming to Paris, and living through those years felt like the Italian Renaissance. One night, with a great friend, we decided to watch an animated short called “Adam,”  made by Unity.  During the 5 minutes and 47 seconds of the short film, I was blown away. I distinctly remember thinking: “This is it: This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Q: Tell us something about your experience with your first-ever film project. isn’t it a very special thing to remember forever?

A: The Last Star was my very first animated short. It’s crazy when you think about it because it was relatively successful at festivals that had an animation category. In particular, it was selected for the Berlin Music Video Awards, alongside big names like The Weeknd, Pharell Williams, Muse, Lil Wayne, Tyle the Creator, 21 Savage, and Muse. So everything happened very fast with this first short film, and I can’t wait to release the new ones I’m working on right now!

Q: How would you describe work as an independent filmmaker, isn’t it more challenging?

A: I never think about it, to be honest. Filmmaking is no longer an elite club like it was a hundred years ago. It’s available to everyone now. Anyone can create the story they want to tell. You can download all this free software, like Unreal Engine 5, Blender, DaVinci Resolve, etc., learn everything you want about it, create something that no one has ever created before, and publish it to this gigantic free distribution platform that is the Internet. There are no more excuses for those who want to tell ambitious stories.

Q: What’s the most exciting thing for you in filmmaking?

A: I can’t wait for the medium of animation to evolve into cinema. The technology is there. The tools are there. This is just the beginning of what we can do with animation, and that is the most exciting part! It’s a new form of medium with so much to explore and create. The possibilities are endless. It’s a medium that will only grow in the coming years. It offers the opportunity to create deep stories with powerful visuals that audiences have never seen before.

Q: What projects are you currently working on? And what are your plans for the industry?

I’m currently working on 3 animation projects:

– Vortex, which I made in collaboration with my friend Qtn.Cls.

– New Specimen, which is a more ambitious story I wanted to tell.

– The Day I Met You, which is in pre-production,. We just finished writing the script, and I’m now working on the storyboard.

Right now, I’m making as many short films as I can. I see them as good training for the next step. My goal is to make a longer format in the next few years, so I’m looking for and talking to potential producers who believe in my vision.

Q: Where can our readers follow and see your film work?

A: You can find more of my work on my website: You can learn about how I make animated shorts, exclusive projects, behind-the-scenes, and more. You can watch my published work on my YouTube channel,, and if you want to contact me or learn more about me, you can reach me on my Instagram, @valone.future.

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