Winner > Best Women Film Maker
An Israeli anthropologist traveling to meet a hidden Jewish community in north Ethiopia, together they telling their
special story of survival. Abera, a young artist joins to discover what has been hidden from him
Director > Malka Shabtay
Writer > Malka Shabtay, Naama yechezkeli
Producer > Malka Shabtay
Key Cast

Director Biography
Malka Shabtay
Dr. Malka Shabtay is an applied anthropologist, working for almost 40 years with the Ethiopian Jewish Community in Israel. She taught at the Ruppin academic center, the institute for immigration and social integration, and various other academic institutes… She combines research, consultancy, and training for various organizations that are interested in applying cultural and cross-cultural perspectives in their work. She has published 15 books and many articles.
Until recently she was working at the ministry of education, in the department for children and youth at risk. She is responsible for projects and implementation of policy with Israeli Arabs, Orthodox Jews, and new and old Immigrants. In the last ten years, she is involved with diverse Jewish communities, especially the Lemba of Zimbabwe, the Abayudayaha in Uganda, the Hidden Jews of Ethiopia, and the Bnei Annussinm in Brazil.