Nata Samrat

Winner > Best Drama, Best Director Feature Film
Atya is a wannabe actor. His father is into real estate And hence Satya is quite rich. He is very bad at acting but he never realizes it. He always thinks He’s a beautiful actor. Kamal Haasan is his inspiration. With his dad’s recommendation and influence, Satya has been approaching a number of directors and producers to gain a character role in some films. He never tried on his own. Due to his terrible performance, nobody gives him an opportunity. He never knew he is a bad performer. He is tired and fed up with attending auditions and hearing them telling “we will call you back”. He knows that they will never call back.
At a point, through some worst scenarios, he realizes how bad he is as an actor. He leaves the city and starts traveling around the country to know about people and their life. By the time he reaches Kerala he runs out of money and is stuck in a village. After a few desperate attempts to survive in the village, he meets D. Salman and his neighbor Lekha, a pregnant woman. What role do they play in Satya’s life?
What human emotions does Satya seek from them? How will they help Satya organically to become a human?
The answers to these questions forms the story. The film can be termed genre-bending because it starts as a drama, tragedy, then turns into a dark comedy and runs through all
the emotions.
Director > Rishikeshwar Yogi
Writer > Rishikeshwar Yogi
Producer > Sukumar Boreddy, Sindhu Reddy
Key Cast
Shiva Kumar “Satya”
Nithin Prasanna “D Salman”
Sruthy Jayan “Lekha”