Once upon a time in America

Winner > Best Web/TV Series
This film is dedicated to the problem of weapons in the United States. It was shot in Texas, the gun Mecca of America. Our heroes: supporters of the Second Amendment who cannot imagine their lives without guns, a mother whose son died due to careless handling of weapons, as well as one of the 15 most dangerous people on the planet according to Wired magazine 2012 – Cody Wilson, who sells 3-D printers for the production of firearms.
We are trying to answer the question: is the weapon for Americans’ death or freedom? And can a ban on carrying weapons solve the security problem in the country?
Mikhail Romanovskiy Director
Tamara Ivanova Writer
Alina Polianski Writer
Mikhail Romanovskiy Producer
Alina Polianski Producer
Dmitriy Popov Producer