Òran na h-Eala by Steve Exeter


Òran na h-Eala is a short experimental movie by Steve Exeter. As a writer, he successfully gave his messages to the audience, and as a director, he executed his script as per plan. Steve Exeter seems like a very talented filmmaker with Òran na h-Eala.

Òran na h-Eala starts in a very creative way with a background song while showing Shannon Davidson in the 1st scene. The film gives the feeling of a typical theater. Shannon looks excellent in the role of “Moira Shearer”. Her dancing moves and expressions take her acting performance to the next level. Her desire to become a movie star is always something she wants to follow.

 The decisive statement in the movie is given by Shannon at the end of the film when she realizes to say that she wants her true self not to obey or follow the filmmaker’s line. 

Her confidence is the best part of the whole movie, her character as Moira Shearer shows us the stay connected to our own talent and personality instead of following the footsteps of the so-called fathers of the Film industry. 

She is complimented by Powell and Pressburger, which haunts her to the core. Her own conviction makes her character full of charm. 


Òran na h-Eala is a beautiful short movie that is perfect in each frame.

Òran na h-Eala participated in the Boden International Film festival in the category of Best Short Film and it was officially selected for the monthly competition and ended up as a Finalist in the Best Short Film category.