Power In The Blood!

Winner > Best Drama
A Suspense/Thriller – An astute lady struggling with life and faith consults a young priest in 1959.
Director > Ranjit Singh
Writer > John Alendara Frase
Producer > Ruth Padzinski, Balvinder Gill, Dawn Bird
Key Cast
Thomas Perras
Bailey Parkinson
Bryan Englund
Tea Scheske
Kayden Selinger
Natalie Lazarou
Mike Gerspacher

Director Biography
Ranjit Singh
Born in London, UK, and living in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. I have had a passion for filmmaking since my youth but never pursued it seriously until 2 years ago. Self-taught, learning the craft through the experience of creating a film from development to post-production. I have a passion for creating and producing compelling stories that are visually exciting and emotionally connect with the audience.