Quarterlife Cruisers

Winner > Best Actress Short Film (Shared Award For Karlijn Koel,Willemijn de Jonge )
Two 30-something besties, Wendy and Karin, are about to relive their teen years at a rock concert when they decide to spice it up this time. They meet eighteen-year-old Anton who makes them feel young again. ‘Hop on in!’ and off they go two dressed-up glam rock chicks and one young guy who tries to keep his cool. It’s like the olden days: carefree fun, adolescent sexual tensions, fantasies about doing drugs, and the exciting promise of one very wild night.
Or is it?
Because Karin’s husband is calling with mundane questions about their baby and the boy appears to still be living at his parents’ house. The only one who can responsibly do drugs (because she’s not breastfeeding) or kiss someone (because she’s single) is Wendy. But this night should only be about being in the moment and only doing what they want, right? And does Wendy even want to do all these things, while Karin only watches?
This road trip makes two women realize they’re holding on to something that isn’t there anymore. Or at least not exactly as it used to be. Maybe they’ll have to redefine what their ‘fun night out should look like and discover that being young isn’t some holy grail to fixate upon.
Director > Karlijn Koel
Writer > Elly Scheele, Tim Zweistra
Producer > Ferdi Çelik, Willemijn de Jonge Creative Producers,
Karlijn Koel Creative Producers
Key Cast
Karlijn Koel “Karin “Blondy” Bakker”
Willemijn de Jonge “Wendy “Chestnut” Smid”
Ronald Kalter “Anton “Aroma” Dokter”