Queen of Marismas (Marshes)

Winner > Best Actor Short Film, Best Actress
In their childhood, Carmen and Manu grew up together in the same village on the seashore, in South Spain. In her early adolescence, Carmen and her family left the village and never came back. Until today, 15 years later. Manu’s still attracted to her, but Carmen is going through a very difficult moment in her life, she’s pregnant and she wants to abort. She wants to be a mother, but not this way.
Director > Mario Leclere
Writer > Mario Leclere
Producer > Mario Leclere, Morela La Ferla
Key Cast
María Temprado
Pedro Girón

Director Biography
Mario Leclere
Mario Leclere has a longstanding experience as a director of photography and visual effects specialist for short films, feature films, and award-winning documentaries in various national and international festivals. He was also a finalist at the 73rd Venice Film Festival. With this film he starts the creation of his first feature film as director, screenwriter, and DOP, setting up a team of young talents in film art.