Rani Rani Rani

Winner > Best First Time Feature Film
For Rani (Tannistha Chatterjee), the caretaker at an abandoned factory, in an almost-abandoned Indian village, it’s just an ordinary day, trapped in a struggle for survival between a feckless husband (Asif Basra) on the one hand, and his brother and ruthless sister-in-law on the other. But when she happens upon a group of opportunists (led by Danny Sura) seeking to prove the efficacy of their mysteriously-acquired device to a potential buyer (Alexx O’Nell), her fortunes seem set to change. All they need is a ‘volunteer’, and for a small sum of cash, she’s lured into their machine. While she emerges seemingly unscathed, a violent turn of events makes Rani realize that changing the trajectory of her life might just be a matter of a second chance, or a third… or maybe just a little more time…
Director > Rajaram Rajendran
Writer > Rajaram Rajendran
Producer > Rajaram Rajendran

Key Cast
Tannishtha Chatterjee “Rani”
Asif Basra “Manoj”
Alexx O Nell “John”
Danny Sura “Chris”
Abid Anwar “Krishna”
Smokey The Ghost “Anand”
Zahoor Ahmed
Swetha Desai