Winner > Best Feature Documentary
On a visit to the island of Zanzibar, I came across a group of local young women, in the fishing village of Nungwi. They agreed to share their stories. Only one girl from the entire group owned a mobile phone and spoke a few words of English: Samira.
What started as a curiosity conversation developed into becoming the subject of my film for the ensuing 7 years to come!
The story follows the everyday daily life of a 21-year-old Samira, growing up to a reality that pressures her into marriage while she is determined to further her knowledge in life and better her condition as a woman.
She does not want to be the rebel in her society, the one who does not respect the religion of her people or their traditions. Samira wants to have a family and mother a child like the rest of her friends but sees no obstacle in also being a successful woman, a role model for her society.
Should she renounce being simply a mother or continue fighting to become also an independent modern woman?
Director > Nino Tropiano
Writer > Nino Tropiano
Producer > Nino Tropiano

Key Cast
SAMIRA “real life protagonist”