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The mother, who is disturbed by the bad memories she had with her daughter, decides to go to the memory erasure center and have her memories erased. Once the memory center is able to access the mother’s memories, she will uncover real events about her daughter.
Yusuf Kerem Tokgöz: Director, Writer, Producer

Director Biography – Yusuf Kerem Tokgöz
Born on December 22, 1998 in Adana. After completing high school education, started studying at the FMV Işık University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Cinema and Television Department. During 4-year undergraduate education, became the first in the term twice. Worked as a camera assistant in a season series project. At the same time, assistant director, cinematography and a total of 4 short films that he wrote and directed during this period. Also wrote two feature-length scripts during this period. Shot the last short film, “Screen”, in May 2023 and graduated from the University in July 2023 as the winner of the Cinema and television department and 1st Class Degree. At present lives in Istanbul and continues to write and direct.