Winner > Best Actress Feature Film, Best First-Time Feature Film
The life of a single mum (JO) spirals out of control when her fragile teenage daughter (IZZY) kills her violent boyfriend (KEV). Along with the angry son (DYLAN), this broken family flee the city and head for the coastal wastelands. Unbeknownst to them, they’re carrying drug money that belongs to Kev’s criminal brother (PETE).
When their car breaks down Jo does the last thing she should; she picks up a stranger (TOM) who promises to keep the car running. Worryingly he refuses to move on when they arrive at their destination.
Meanwhile, a furious Pete kidnaps Jo’s best friend (MILAN) and heads after them. Milan, however, turns out to be more than he bargained for and his mission takes a turn of its own. Waiting for Izzy’s Instagram breadcrumbs to lead them to the cash, this unlikely pair hole up in a seedy motel.
Marooned in their coastal hideaway, Tom bonds with Dylan but Izzy doesn’t trust him. She watches their developing relationship with mounting horror and implores Jo not to allow Tom near the family. Jo promises to keep him out of their caravan but just can’t help herself when it comes to men …
Will Pete find them before he’s forced to find himself? Will Tom’s past affect this family’s future? And can Izzy make sense of what she’s done and what’s been done to her?
Director > Margaret Rogerson, Mark Hayman
Writer > Margaret Rogerson, Mark Hayman
Producer > Alan Gittos
Key Cast
Georgina Rich
Ellie Bindman
Gabe Robinson
Jonny Phillips
Craig Russell
Kayla Meikle
Joe Macauley
Dan Starkey

Director Biography
Margaret Rogerson, Mark Hayman
Margaret Rogerson is an Alumni of the Northern Film school screenwriting MA.
Mark Hayman is a British portrait photographer.