Spade K

Winner >Best Director > Short Film.
A perfect arranged card game, Who knows if they were one of the
parts, What is the truth hidden in the shadow in the dark?
Petals, blood, And the Spade K.
No one knows the secret of Spade K, Heads and tails, black or
white, up and down, It is already in perfect order.
As the flawless bait, The rose is as beautiful as Miss Taozi, But
the danger is under, The blood is as bright as the petals, But it is
the right moment.
As the eternal rose will never wither, Stopping the time at you
Director > Junwei Han
Writer > Junwei Han, Black Yan
Producer > Black Yan
Key Cast
Xiaoming Guo
Hanhuan Song
Tian Tian

Director – Junwei Han


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