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Gilson is navigating his messy early 20s, caught up in footy boy culture, binge drinking, and suffocating in his Melbourne social bubble. When Gilson’s Dad leaves his Mum for another man, everyone is waiting for an explosive response. Despite putting on a calm front with his family, girlfriend, and friends; he privately slips into a destructive mode and starts obliterating childhood friendships and loyalties.
Isabella Smith – Director
Isabella Smith – Writer
Bridgette Griffiths Mark – Producer

Director Biography – Isabella Smith
Isabella’s work offers an intimate window into growing up in contemporary Melbourne. Drawing from observations of private-school culture and masculinity from the female perspective, this film is a culmination of the flaws and beauty she has encountered within that world.
Coming from a Fashion Design background, Isabella is taking on film as a new mode of storytelling within a wider creative practice. Her fascination with narrative works within the fashion industry has unraveled into an interest in writing and directing social issue films. At her work’s core is a language specific to Melbourne culture which is rarely shown on screen.
She strives for honest and candid storytelling, holding onto the inflections of Melbourne culture while showcasing stories about heartbreak and love.