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A scorned woman becomes increasingly image-obsessed, transforming from a demure photographer into a superficial social media influencer. An artistic contemplation on the modern obsession with one’s own image, beauty ideals, and the male gaze on women’s bodies from the female perspective.
Nicole Wensel-Director
Nicole Wensel-Writer
Nicole Wensel-Producer
Diana Cignoni-Producer

Director Biography – Nicole Wensel
Nicole Wensel is an award-winning writer, director, actress, and producer. After graduating with a B.A. in Film Production from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, Nicole launched her production company, Conscious Cinema Co., which focuses on creating films for artful expression, inspiration, and positive social change.
Her first feature film, Quarter Life Coach, which Nicole wrote, directed, starred in, and exec produced, was created on a shoestring budget and received the Merit Award of Awareness at the Awareness Festival and the Gold Award at the IFF for Women, Social Issues and Zero Discrimination in Indonesia. Her most recent project, Supermodel – currently on the festival circuit – has been chosen an official selection at prestigious film festivals around the world; most notably, Nicole received the honors of “Best Director” as well as “Best Short Film” from the Sweden Film Awards in addition to “Best Actress” and “Best Comedy” from the Rome IMAs. Nicole has contributed to and been featured in publications such as Tribeca Shortlist, Thrive Global, Positively Positive, Agnès Films, Film Courage, and many more.
Currently splitting her work schedule between Europe & the States, Nicole is busy shooting her second narrative feature abroad as well as her first documentary feature in Los Angeles. An advocate for gender equality in the film industry, she gives back through the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and is a contributing member of Film Fatales, The Alliance of Women Directors, and USC SCA Alumni.