Winner > Best First Time Documentary Film
The film discusses the story of a known Palestinian graffiti artist, Taqi sateen, a painter from the West Bank, that expresses his frustration towards the occupation, the checkpoints, and the Separation Wall through his paintings and personal life stories.
Through his perspective, and his eyes the camera reflects the distress of a whole nation, the distress of the Palestinian people.
Director > Aleen Shoufani
Writer > Aleen Shoufani
Producer >Elias shoufani

Director Biography
Aleen Shoufani
My name is Aleen Shoufani, from Haifa city, I m 28 years old.
During 2019-2020 I attended a film-making training year at Tel Aviv University.
I participated in various student productions
The first film that I’ve produced is a documentary film, Taqi.
I work as a registered nurse in an emergency medical center
I have been working in the nursing field since 2018.