Winner > Web/TV Series
t all started when Dori, a woman in pest control, saw Julia, an assassin and out-of-work actress sitting with a glass of wine outside of a hardware store looking for work, and picked up Julia’s headshot and asked, “Vagina Monologues? I got a monologue for your vagina.” Julia responded with, “You got cash?” Dori replied, “Cash and two credit cards.”
Season Two starts at the funeral of George Kaplan, The Lumber Mafia King. The TempaKILL team: Julia, (an assassin slash out of work actress slash Etsy designer slash life coach), Dori, (the only actual pest control technician of TempaKILL), Judi, (Julia’s leader at the Agency who constantly has six months left to live), and Seth, (Dori’s ex-best friend, nemesis and renowned Mice King, and owner of the mice killing business, PermaKILL), felt they should at least pay their respects. Even though they did take down George. It’s been Julia’s lifelong goal to eradicate the Hardware Mafia Kings.
Unbeknownst to them, The Lumber Mafia King’s cousin, Jorge, is also at the funeral. After finding out the TempaKILL team killed George, through a badly misinterpreted game of “telephone”, Jorge plans his revenge in the form of residential pest control job assignments. He calls TempaKILL to retain services for several of his homes in an effort to fool, trap and kill Dori and the TK team. Dori blindly accepts, not knowing anything about her new boss, Jorge “The Screw King” Kaplan. So it’s a go for this motley crew of pest control first responders and assassins to come together as one!
In the “Haunted House” episode, jacked-up Vegas show rats, still angry from not being paid in Season One, torment Seth while Jorge’s goons are sent to kill the TempaKILL team. The show rats are planning their spinoff in rebellion. Dori and Julia continue to the next job, even though Julia tells Dori that Jorge is trying to kill them. Dori, being the loyal pest control technician, must finish all jobs ordered. Brian the gigolo, owns the next house and informs Julia that Jorge is one of his best clients– and is due for a service soon. Jorge can’t get rid of Julia because his loyal Goon is not there to finish her off. Finally, in the last house, the TempaKILL team is all dressed up like cast members of a Big Brother-like reality show titled, The Middle Sister House–with the goal of casting Jorge off for good! Jorge will meet his fate and another Hardware King will go down by Julia and the TempaKILL team!
Director > Rick Williamson
Writer > Dori Toledo, Julie Marie Hassett
Producer > Julie Marie Hassett
Julie Marie Hassett “Julia”
Dori Toledo “Dori”
Jeffrey S.S. Johnson “Seth”
Paulette Smith “Judi”
Rick Williamson “Jorge The Screw King Kaplan”